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Utica sprinkler system installation

We provide lawn irrigation system (underground sprinkler installation) to residents of Utica, Michigan. Our experienced staff has been providing top notch sprinkler system installation for over 35 years. We take pride in the work we do and design each irrigation system with the intention of saving you time, water and money in the end.

Utica lawn irrigation system installation contractors

We start with the design of your sprinkler system. In order to accomplish this properly, our team will accurately measure your yard along with the water flow coming into the yard. Various types of pipes and flow valves need to be installed in order to control the pressure and ensure that the sprinkler system runs smoothly. The design is often comprehensive and requires a professional company to come up with the correct plan for your yard.

Once completed we provide the installation of your underground sprinkler system in Utica. Once completed, we also provide ongoing service and maintenance, including winterization and spring startups.

Utica sprinkler system repair

When your sprinkler system is not working properly, our trained professionals will provide fast and reliable sprinkler repair in Utica.  We also help to maintain and service your lawn irrigation system in order to prevent any costly and large scale problems from happening.

Additional services areas

Metro Lawn Services, LLC provides for new sprinkler system installation, servicing, repairs, startups, winterization and landscape lighting.  While we service all of South Eastern Michigan and the surrounding areas, here are some of the more popular areas we work in:

Utica Sprinkler System Contactors
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Oakland County Sprinkler System Contactors
Macomb County Sprinkler System Contactors
Wayne County Sprinkler System Contactors

Very professional interaction. They could have easily priced me for additional equipment but recommended to keep the equipment we had because it was adequate. Once I received the final bill, I was even more pleased. Metro Lawn Sprinkler Services provided great service at a great price which provided my wife happiness. She can now better water a part of her garden which was manually watered. Now our sprinkler system covers it.

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