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Metro Lawn Sprinkler ServicesWhat Makes Us Different?

Our Design: Systems installed by Metro Sprinkler Service have head to head coverage, all heads spray away from house & patio, separate zones for shaded areas & sunny areas, and separate rotor zones from mist head zones. All of these things insure that your lawn will not be too wet or too dry, and will be watered evenly. Systems installed by the competition may mix and match mist heads and rotor heads that have different precipitation rates for shaded and sunny areas on the same zone, which will result in over or under watering of areas.

Our Professionalism: Metro Lawn Sprinkler Services makes sure that after every job we install, you are satisfied with the job. We sweep all sidewalks, patios, and driveways of any dirt or debris. We clean and haul away any unused material. Every head is double-checked to be sure that it is straight and adjusted properly. We also leave flags next to the newly installed heads so your sod company can take note of where each and every head is placed. Our equipment is all state of the art, and our business vehicles are all 2003’s and newer. Other companies leave the dirt and debris scattered across your property. The heads are left crooked and may not be adjusted at all. A system like this will result in a very unprofessional and unsatisfying experience.

Our Insurance: Metro Lawn Sprinkler Services is fully insured and has complete comprehensive and liability coverage for all employees. Some other companies may not have adequate insurance coverage or no coverage at all. This runs the risk of lawsuits and property damage.

Our Service: We have a fully staffed office to handle all concerns that you may have. Service crews are separate from installation crews. Our service technicians have the experience and expertise needed to assist you in every concern or need you have with your system. Systems installed by the competitor may not be serviced as a priority. The communication you have with them may be through answering machines. Also a waiting period, when calls are returned, may exceed days or weeks at a time.

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