Spring Startups and Winterization

Sprinkler System Spring Startups & Sprinkler System Winterization
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Spring Startups & Winterization

Sprinkler system winterization and spring start ups in Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, Utica, Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and surrounding areas

Sprinkler system spring startups

Snowfall, snow removal and ground heaving can take a heavy toll on your sprinkler system. During April and May, our spring startup service will get your lawn irrigation system up and running for the season. We inspect all parts and materials for function and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a properly running system.  This can include a simple head change to the addition of entire zones or system repair.

Sprinkler system winterization

Winterization of your sprinkler system involves the removal of all the water in the pipes, lines, valves, fittings, sprinklers and pumps. If this is not done, water will freeze and expand causing the breakage of one or more of the materials in the lawn irrigation system.  The cost to repair these broken materials will be far greater than the cost of winterizing your system.

At Metro Lawn Services LLC, we winterize your sprinkler system by blowing out the water using a compressor. It is important to use the proper volume and pressure in order to remove all of the water from the system and prevent freeze damage.

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Very professional interaction. They could have easily priced me for additional equipment but recommended to keep the equipment we had because it was adequate. Once I received the final bill, I was even more pleased. Metro Lawn Sprinkler Services provided great service at a great price which provided my wife happiness. She can now better water a part of her garden which was manually watered. Now our sprinkler system covers it.

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